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Success stories a few words from our students

Abhilash Kudlur Raje Urs

MS in Analytics

"I am working professional and wanted to pursue a master’s in analytics. I was in scout for a consultancy to guide me through the visa application process and which satisfies my budget. Harita Overseas Education was referred to me by a friend. Initially I was skeptical of the amount of time I have to invest roaming for the consultancy. However, I had to visit only 2 days as HOE was very efficient in their work. I would like to thank Ms.Janani for guiding through the process of application and Mr. Andrew for guidance pertaining to finance. Mock interviews I had with both of them boosted my confidence enormously. I was very impressed with the trainer's thoroughness and professionalism. A sincere thanks to everyone at HOE for seeing me through my success.."

Akshayakirithy Baskar

MS in Biomedical Engineering

"I choosed Haritha Overseas services after a thorough review of all the other consultancies in chennai. I did this because I had an incredible response from this place which gave me the hope that this would be the right place to help me in all aspects. I got an amazing guidance from Mr. Andrew who suggested United States of America must be a perfect place for my expectation. My counselor Ms. Sruthi, proposed me the list of best universities depending upon my GRE and TOEFL marks. I am thankful for the timely work Ms. Janani did during my application process. I applied five universities and i got two admits. I was flabbergasted when I got admit in New jersey insititute of technology which was the top preference of mine. Ms. Varshini assisted the visa process patiently. During the visa process, i had a series of mock interview sessions which was much helpful in the visa interview. The interactions between us was immensively productive and they taught me to project my profile in a better way. I am grateful for the services they provided and it is the best place to give you a great future.."

Gowtham Baalaji Venkataraman

MS In Computer Science, Texas A&M University, Kingsville

"I am delighted to have the chance to tell about Haritha Overseas for entry of my postgraduate course Texas A& M university Kingsville. Janani was my coordinator. From day one janani and Andrew sir gave me a lot of confidence and also clarified the doubts which were raised by me at any point time . They conducted several mock interview and especially Andrew sir gave me lot of tips how to improve or present myself to VO officer. I wish good success to haritha overseas to attain a new height as soon as possible."

Kathikeyyan Subbiah

MS in Electrical Engineering, The State University of New York at Buffalo

"Dear Andrew and Team, It gives me immense pleasure to pen this testimonial for Haritha Overseas, one of the most reliable and prompt organization. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Andrew for the time during our interaction and for the input that resulted in getting the US Visa and a place at University at Buffalo. You made an often-difficult process easy and pleasant, and I am happy that I had taken the right decision to come to you for my assistance in pursuing studies abroad. The journey, as I would like to term it, was indeed filled with ups and down and the small details that were given importance definitely made the big difference. I am very grateful to Janani and Ramya for all their guidance. They were always in contact with me over the phone during the entire process, from selecting the course till conducting mock visa interview to me. Keep up the good work. Haritha Overseas Education will be my first reference that I would recommend for the future students and also for people aspiring to head out for their Overseas Education.."

Nitharika Tadimeti


"I remember the first time I visited Haritha Overseas. I was very blank and did not have much idea about MS. Thanks to Haritha , I was guided by them at every step of my admission process. They helped me right from short listing my universities till I got my visa approved. Many mock visa interviews were also conducted which helped me a lot on the actual visa day. I would like to thank Andrew, Janani and Varshini for their continuous support.."

Nivetha Murthy

MS in Electrical Engineering, The State University of New York at Buffalo

"Hi Andrew and Team, I remember the first time I walked in HARITHA OVERSEAS, to get some information about the Universities in the US, the quality of information provided by the staff was so accurate and up-to the mark, I had a feeling that I had come to the right place. From shortlisting the universities, filling and clarifying doubts in application for the university, couriering the transcripts, visa application and till the mock interview there was no point where I felt disappointed with the services. I just want to thank you for everything that you have done to secure my place at University at Buffalo, for M.S in Energy Systems. I couldn’t have done it without your assistance. I’d like to thank to my counsellor Mr.Andrew and staff member Janani for their hard work and a good follow-up with the University applications. I’d be really happy to recommend Study Overseas Global to anyone who wishes to opt for foreign education in the future.."

Raakesh Premkumar

MS in Computational Science Indiana University Bloomington

"I had a wonderful experience with my counselling services @ Haritha Overseas. I had very less time for the entire process which they very well understood and did their best to help me out through the entire process and I am very happy about their outstanding service and I would definitely recommend them further more. Each process was taken care of by Janani ma'am and Andrew sir with much caution making sure I get the best out of it. Thanks a lot for your amazing service.."

Sashaank Padmanaban

MS in Industrial Engineering University of Arizona

"During my final year in B.E. Mechanical Engineering, I decided to pursue masters in Industrial Engineering in one of the top 50 universities in USA. I started to prepare for my GRE and TOEFL and joined Haritha Overseas Education through Naveen sir. He guided me and gave me confidence that I can achieve my aim and goal to become an Industrial Engineer. They worked along with me in my SOP and LOR which came out very well. Later we applied for 5 universities based on my profile, interest, and university ranking. I got admits from 4 universities out of the 5 universities. I didn’t expect that I would get admit from University of Arizona with scholarship (It is one of the top 25 universities in Industrial Engineering according to the US news grad school). Andrew sir helped me a lot for my visa application. He conducted many mock visa interviews which was very helpful for my visa interview. I thank Deepika mam, Janani mam and the entire Haritha Overseas Education team for helping me to make a pathway to USA. I recommend anyone willing to pursue Masters in any abroad country through Haritha Overseas Education.."

Vignesh Selvaraj

University of Wisconsin Madison

"I have joined HARITHA OVERSEAS on October 2015; before that I was planning to apply for Fall 2015 but I couldn’t get it right on time so I had to postpone it to Fall 2016. Right form the time I enrolled, you have been really helpful in guiding me through each and every step of the application process, right from downloading the application till waiting for the result along with me. It’s been know that what you are is to be very well exhibited in your “Statement of Purpose” and that’s what gets you through the application process as well as for securing advisor once you get it cleared. You people have helped me in preparing a good one my making corrections and embellishing it with words so that it can be what it is supposed to be. I would like to thank each and every one who helped me in getting it done. Also there were times where I would lose track of my application, but there you will be tracking it all day getting me the updates. So we didn’t miss a single thing from the university and were able to revert at the earliest possible time. Thus by all our efforts put together I was able to get into UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON. I would like to thank Ms.Janani, she had been really helpful in getting this all done on the right time. This doesn’t end with getting an offer from the university, after that comes the VISA. Right from preparing the Financial documents to mock interviews until the day before my VISA appointment you have put in more efforts to get me through. I would like to thank Mr.Andrew for his continuous support and guidance that helped me get through the final obstacle without a scratch. Your team work is what that helped in getting my dream come true, I would like to thank each and every member of the Haritha Overseas team.."

Arvind Raj.V.S

Edinburgh Napier University Master of Business Administration

"Hi this is Arvind Raj.V.S.....I had an idea of doing my post graduation in abroad and one of my relative suggested me Haritha overseas education...I had a counseling session with them and after that I had a very clear idea of choosing the country and university that suits according to me.....and particularly the staffs over there are friendly and they help throughout the process.....and now I got my visa and am ready for the next step in my so happy to say that I had very good experience at Haritha overseas education education!!!!!!."

Fenelein George

MS in Computer Science, PACE UNIVERSITY – NEW YORK, USA, SPRING 2017

"I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a part at Haritha Overseas. The thing I admire the most about Haritha is the support I received from everyone here. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that supportive environment. From the first day I met them they were very informative and has provided me with up to date details needed for my pursuit towards an MS degree in the United States of America. I think the reliability, environment and the resources here are much better than any other institutions in this field. Moreover they also provide effective teaching for all the necessary exams for the MS degree. Their experience and guidance in this field has lended me a place in Pace university, one of the top universities in the world for the masters program in Computer Science. I'm very much thankful to all the staff of Haritha for helping me fulfilling my dream.."

Lawrence Arokiaswamy

Cloud Computing For Big Data , LAMBTON COLLEGE – CANADA , SPRING 2017

"Its an amazing experience with Haritha Overseas Education and they supported me really well. When i first started off planning as to where i would be pursuing my higher education, it was very frustrating. I realized that I needed professional help to help me in selecting a good college for the same. Mr.Andrews Arun has played a very important role in my life in helping me getting the esteemed college admission at the neck moment after a long chaos. He is not only a very professional and highly capable counselor but also a very good friend and a mentor to me. I truly admire his sense of professionalism. Although i was working in an I.T firm, at the time of sending my applications, he made it very easy for me to correspond with him. In this process of getting the admission, he was highly supportive. He provided individual attention to me and supported me through this process. The Visa application process became very easy because of him. Haritha overseas is doing a wonderful job in assisting many students in seeking admissions abroad for aspiring students and i am very thankful to Mr.Andrews Arun and the entire team for helping me. Overall, the past two months has been a wonderful journey. Thank you so much HOE! Keep continue this amazing service.."

Venkatesh Gopalakrishnan

MS Electrical Engineering in University of Texas at Dallas

"After my graduation, I decided to pursue Masters in my field of interest to quench my thirst for acquiring knowledge. I was referred Haritha Overseas Education by one of my friend who was pursuing Masters in the USA, applied under the guidance of HOE. I approached HOE to help me out as I was completely blank of what and when to do. Mr. Andrew gave me confidence and trust when I met him first. He had answers for all my queries and helped me understand what the process is and how it should be carried out. I was guided right from GRE, TOEFL exam preparations till my VISA and flight tickets. I was admitted to two universities in the USA and one university in Singapore. Janani and Ramya are experts in applying for international universities. Their dedicated meticulous efforts are one of the main reasons for my admission into The University of Texas at Dallas. I consider this a great opportunity to thank HOE team in helping me achieve my dreams. I would also undoubtedly recommend Haritha Overseas Education to anyone who is aspiring to pursue education abroad.."


Masters in Software Engineering in Stratford University,USA

"Hi, as I am student of ‘Haritha Overseas Education’, I am glad to say thanks to everyone who has supported me for the past 8 months. I am madly going to miss my friends, family and job because of ‘Haritha Overseas’. Yes, I got my VISA and going to do my MS in USA. Initially I started to do my IELTS and GRE in ‘Haritha Overseas’ and I got better score with the help of Mr.Chris who taught me and clarified my doubts even in his busy schedule. He came to Institute even in Sundays. After that the process was started by Miss.Janani. She is such a polite person; I have never seen like that any company. I disturbed her by asking silly doubts and questions and made so many calls a day. Without ignoring my calls, she answered politely and Miss Ramya, your help to complete my MS process is countless. Finally I got selected by ‘STRATFORD UNIVERSITY’ and got visa. Now I am counting my days to do my MS (CSE). At last, Andrew sir without you my dream will not come to true. Helped me a lot. I have referred by my friend and cared by ‘Haritha Overseas’, I will refer my friends and expecting same care to them too. Once again thanks to everyone who have travelled with me for the past 8 months. I will never forget this help anymore. THANKS!."


Masters of Information Science in Colorado State University, USA

"I am extremely delighted to write this note to thank Haritha Overseas from the bottom of my heart. It was a hard decision for me to leave my current job and study my post graduation at USA. Starting from applying to Universities till my VISA interview you guys have been a pillar of support for me. I respect all your efforts in shaping me to pursue my masters at the Colorado State University. My sincere gratitude to Mr. Andrew, you have been the key to my success without your help and guidance it wouldn't be possible for me to taste this success. You always motivated me in all situations throughout this journey and guided me in the right way, I appreciate all your efforts Sir. This note will be incomplete if I forget to thank Chris, Janani and Ramya. I am very happy to thank you whole heartedly. Chris Sir I salute you for your efforts in guiding me through the VISA interview. Janani, you played a vital role in my journey I am delighted to thank you. No matter whatever silly doubts I had you patiently cleared my concerns and helped throughout my application process, your efforts are commendable. On the whole I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Haritha Overseas and am glad that I joined the right place which paved way for my future goal.."

Haritha Sekar

Masters in Computer Science in University of Texas at Dallas, USA

"Pursuing Masters in Computer Science in the US has been my dream. After one year of working in an MNC I thought it was time for me to make my dream a reality. Since I had to contribute most of my time to my work I decided to go to Haritha Overseas for helping me out with the application process. I really appreciate the service provided by Haritha Overseas in helping me throughout the application and also the Visa process. Their guidance has helped me to make my dreams come true. I thank everyone in Haritha Overseas for all their support.."

Asha Jennifer Allen

MS Computer Engineering in California State University, Fullerton

"When I first decided to pursue my masters degree, it all looked so complicated and seemed like an endless process. But ever since I enrolled into Haritha overseas every step of the tedious process seemed so easy. From guiding me which university would suit my profile to my application process and my visa process and interview, it was done with so much ease. I would like to thank Mr. Andrew and Ms. Janani for their enormous help and support in my journey to the USA. Thanks for making my dream come true.."

Gouthaman Nataraj

Master of Business Administration in Startford University, USA

"I am Gouthaman Nataraj and I have been confirmed for the MBA program in Stratford University, Falls Church Virginia. I started the admission process about 3 months prior to the actual start date of the program. I got the confirmation I 20 letter 20 days before the start date of my program and I was well informed that I would get my I 20 at the last moment and was prepared for it. After getting my I 20 applied for bank loan and got the sanction letter on time and scheduled my visa interview as per plan. I got my visa approved and now I am ready for my journey to USA and looking forward to enjoy my studies over there. I thank Andrew sir manager and staffs of Haritha overseas consultants for making my dreams come true without their support and guidance this would have been not possible.."

Preethi Ramesh

Msc in Biomedical Science, Nottingham Trent University, UK

"I thank Suresh sir, Andrew sir and Haritha overseas team from the bottom of my heart for the excellent guidance and enormous support for reaching my goal. Selecting the correct course at correct time is very important for the career for which Haritha overseas was my choice. Suresh sir helped me with that by his counselling, shortlisting the universities and also throughout my process. Haritha overseas provides a complete go through for the education abroad and this is how I reached my destination. I convey my hearty wishes to Haritha overseas to reach their heights.."

Gowtham D

Msc Engineering (Electronics) in Nottingham Trent University, UK

"I thank Suresh sir, Andrew sir and Haritha overseas team from the bottom of my heart for the excellent guidance and enormous support for reaching my goal. Selecting the correct course at correct time is very important for the career for which Haritha overseas was my choice. For the past one year I was helped completely and my path of success was designed by the team. I dedicate my sincere thanks to Chris sir who helped me with various procedures and also guiding me for my IELTS exam and Visa interview. Today I reached my destination only because of Haritha overseas. I wish Haritha overseas continue helping students and reach their heights.."


MS Computer Science in California State University, East BAY-USA

"With great satisfaction I am expressing my sincere thanks to Haritha Overseas for helping me reach my career destination. After discussing with around 15 consultancies i decided to proceed with haritha overseas. Andrew, a real mentor who stood beside me in each and every stage throughout this admission process and also gave me a clear vision about the opportunities available in overseas .I also like to mention a special thanks to Mr. Chris for his TOEFL coaching and Mock Interview session which really helped me a lot and also Janani and Ramya for their stupendous support throughout the process. I am happy to say that my brother also started his application process with this consultancy and i am sure that he will reach his Career destination. I would surely recommend this consultancy to every student who has overseas aspirations. I genuinely wanted to personally come down and convey my token of thanks, but due to last minute resignation I got strucked in office. Will definitely try my best to meet you people before i leave.."

D. Kalpana

Master of Business Administration in National University, San Diego

"I completed Bachelors in ECE and had been working with Sutherland Global Services for five years and had an urge to do my masters in The United States. I had been trying to get visa since 2013 and had tried thrice already for a different university through a different source but no success. Later I came to know about Haritha Overseas and contacted Mr. Andrew. He guided me with the correct procedures for applying and helped me to apply to the universities that had good accreditation and good approval rate. I followed his instructions and got all the documents and applied to the universities and got I-20 from National University. Mr. Andrew and the staffs working here were very much helpful and they provided step by step assistance. Frequent mock interviews were conducted for visa and Chris Sir was very helpful in preparing me for the interview. Finally I got my visa now for September 2015 intake successfully. I recommend Haritha Overseas to anyone who is trying for higher studies abroad.."

Jayanand Bakthavatchalam

Masters in Engineering Management in Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, USA

"I was wondering what am going to do when I started the process for studying in USA. I contacted Haritha Overseas for help and I was assisted right from from my LOR to admission process. Especially Andrew sir and Janani madam helped me guiding all the financial documents. Finally am here in Harrisburg, USA.."

Preethi Thesinghraja,

Illinois Institute of Technology, MS in Information Technology & Management

"With higher studies on my mind and stuck on the steps to process the entire way out for my education abroad, I would say Haritha Overseas played a good part in getting my doubts into a definite results. One important part of their process that I admired the most was the VISA Interview training sessions conducted by Chris Sir. He was best at it and gave me all the confidence to face the interview at one go."

Vigneshraj Dharmaraj,

MS in Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo – New York, USA Fall-2015

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Andrew sir and Haritha Overseas Education for guiding me and counseling me all the way to getting admissions in University at Buffalo to helping me in the visa process. There has never been a moment where I have been said a single lie. You have always been welcoming and whatever doubts I have had, you have cleared them in a courteous way rather than condescending. You have helped me when I needed, replied to my emails without delay and without fail. I had also got an admit from RIT with 25% scholarship in Masters in Electrical Engineering but decided on the former one as it was a safe one. This was an important admit for me as I didn't have that good a profile to get into highly ambitious universities. I am lucky to have found the right place at the right time. I wish Andrew Sir and Haritha Overseas, all the best for their endeavors and sincerely hope it continues to help students realize their dreams. "

Vinod Raaghav

MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington-USA

"I thank Haritha overseas for guiding me through a tough process which involved short listing universities applying to universities, following them up with mails whenever necessary and at last for my VISA interview.

Since I was working from Monday through to Saturday I could not find ample time to short list universities which match my profile, Haritha's services came to my rescue and guided me through the whole process. It took the pressure of me as I had to spend only a little time on these very important things and allowed me to concentrate on things at work which enabled me to improve my profile a great deal.

After getting admits from desired universities again I had to fall back at the hands of Haritha Overseas and they did not disappoint me as they did their best to prepare me for the US VISA interview. Frequent mock interviews conducted by Haritha Overseas people were of great help, tips given during mock interview came in very handy during my US VISA interview. Mock interviews at Haritha Overseas are designed such a way that it will boost a candidate's confidence immensely.

Before I leave to USA I wish Haritha Overseas a great future from the bottom of my heart. They played a huge part in an important phase of my career with their counselling and services. Thanks for everything and I pray god to make you continue your services to the young generation as you have been doing. "

Arun Raj Mohan

MIS, Virginia International University, Virginia, USA Fall 2015

"I have completed my under graduate degere in Hindustan University of Arts & Science , padur.After completeing my course I had a plan of doing my higer education in United States.

So I decided to go forward to do my masters in abroad.when I was looking some institute names in google who helps the process of visa scheduling . At that time I found Haritha Overseas with a good reviews and rating as best, so Iapproached them reagrding for my vis appoinment.They took forward in a very positive maner to help me out for the visa.And they trained me well for the interview session and then the appoinment was placed on a date of april27th. I attended the interview and my application was rejected due to in lack of accomadation palnning,after that I again approched Andrew sir who has been a great supportive and positive for me to approach again for the new interview and he again guided me well for the next process and I followed his instruction and attended again , atalst I got my visa approved and I thanked him for the help he made to me.

After a few days a great tragedy happened to my life i,e that I had lost my passport my visa which has been printed in my passport.Later on I again called Andrew sir stating him my stituation and he guided me with certain procedures to follow reagarding th eprocess of passport lost, and I moved with his words, few days later I called him and discused regarding this and he said to meet him at his office ,so I met him one fine day and we discused what can be done futher and he put his positive points and he again boosted me up and made me to fight against the stitutaion which I was facing at that time. Now all set well and I got my visa back again and now I'm moving to abroad to continue my master in a great full and joyfull manner. So I strongly feel that Haritha Overseas Education are the best who helped me out at a very difficult stage where there was no one to help me in that time and they guided perfectly for my dream.So I am relly thankful for their help ,they made for me. Without question,this is one of the best institute I have met and Haritha Overseas Education are the best.."

Abhishek Chokkanathapuram Nagarajan


"It all started in the month of November 2014,I had given by GRE and toefl Exam, I was sure that I was going to pursue my higher studies in the United States of America. Initially I was a bit confused and I did not know how to go about things, I came to know about HARITHA OVERSEAS ANNA NAGAR through a friend which was later turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I joined here in the month of November, then till the visa process everything was taken care off by them, From Shortlisting the universities and applying to them, I was well guided by them. Special thanks to Mr.Andrew who was my consultant .Thank you sir for helping me out and clearing all my doubts, also helping me with visa processes. I would also like to show my profound gratitude to all the staffs who helped me and guided me. "

Madhi Elangovan

MS in Industrial Engineering, Western Michigan University-USA

"Soon after I had my vision of doing my masters in USA, since then I was in search of a right organization to help me out. I went across many overseas organization around Chennai, but none of them was convincing to me. One day one of my friend introduced me to an organization called HARITHA OVERSEAS, since that organization was new to me I hesitated to proceed further, since it was my friend who suggested me to them I carried myself there, that day I had a general counselling, after that session I felt really satisfied and decided to enroll there. From day 1 they where very active in helping me out throughout my admission process. They never fail to attend my calls whenever I had any confusions or problems regarding the process.

It was a dream come moment for me when I completed all my process and got my admit. It was never any easy job to get an admit, but they made it easy for me. I whole heatedly thank each and every one of them who helped me out this far. "

Harish Kumaravel

University of Texas Arlington-USA

"I had great passion towards electrical engineering and wanted to specialize in the same after graduating. To begin with I did my GRE and IELTS and, was confused about the procedure for applying in universities in abroad. Finally through much wandering and collecting reviews I came to know about Haritha Overseas through my friends. I approached them and the response given by them filled me with positive hope and energy. Mr. Andrew and his team guided and helped me through the entire process. They always had the patience to clarify my doubts at anytime which helped me in taking righteous decision. Their support helped me in getting admits from Universities and I successfully got my US visa approved for doing my Master's in University of Texas at Arlington."

Naagalaxmi Ravi

MS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University Of North Carolina , Charlotte, USA

"Pursuing Maters after completing the undergraduate degree is a life changing event. The decision that we made, should not be regretted later.The choices that we are to make are significant. It is necessary to have a strong support and guidance to accomplish our goals. I was searching for such a support. I came to know about Haritha overseas, Anna Nagar from a friend. They guided me through all the steps of the process. My dream has come true. Now, I can state with confidence that I do not regret choosing Haritha Overseas. "

Sabhari Rajan

MS in Electrical Engineering, Cleveland State University – Ohio, USA Fall-2015

"The decision that we make after completing our bachelors degree is our critical step in achieving our goal. When I first thought about doing my masters after my bachelors, I was really confused about choosing my universities. I had taken my tests required for the abroad studies and I didn't know how to proceed further after it. With scores in my hand and doubts in my mind, I was searching for consultants who would guide me to reach my goals. After a long search I found out about Haritha Overseas Education - Anna Nagar from my friends. After meeting up with Andrew Sir, I got the confidence and the procedures about applying to the universities and I was sure that the decision that I made was right towards achieving my goal. There was constant support and guidance from all the staff members of centre. I wish Haritha Overseas Education- Anna Nagar my best wishes. Thank you!"

Sai Sharath Ravichandran

Auburn University, Auburn, USA

"After a very long search of enquiring about how to proceed further after my completion of bachelor's degree, there I came to know about this haritha overseas. This center has been boosting the young talents to study overseas. It also helped us to select the best universities from the marks we scored. People in this center are so kind and they give us a light of hope. Finally, the time has come for me. I heart fully thank the Centre and people working there for sending me to fulfill my dreams."

Arvindh Sundar

Auburn University, MS Computer Science-MS Fall 2015-USA

"The survival after finishing undergraduate is the most important stage in every individual's life. After finishing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science i was really confused to take a step forward in my career. Then i planned to pursue Master's degree in abroad. I was searching for a consultancy to guide me in a proper way to achieve it, at that time one of my family friends gave a suggestion about HARITHA OVERSEAS. I met Andrew sir who has given me constant support and i came to know about the procedures for applying to universities. I am grateful to convey my wishes to Haritha Overseas, Anna nagar."

Praveen Kumar

MS in Software Engineering, Auburn University, Alabama, USA Fall-2015

"I believe that the decision that we make after completing our under graduation decides the rest of our life. When I first thought about doing my masters after my bachelors, I was really confused about choosing my universities. I had taken my tests required for the abroad studies and I didn't know how to proceed further after it. With scores in my hand and doubts in my mind, I was searching for consultants who would guide me to reach my goals. After a long search I found out about Haritha Overseas Consultant - Anna Nagar from my friends. After meeting up with Andrew Sir, I got the confidence and the procedures about applying to the universities and I was sure that the decision that I made was right towards achieving my goal. There was constant support and guidance from all the staff members of centre. I wish Haritha Overseas Consultant- Anna Nagar my best wishes. Thank you!"

Annamalai Jawahar

MS in Electrical Engineering, California State University, Los Angeles - FALL 2015

"When I decided to do my MS after working for 2 years in an MNC, I had no idea how to start the process. I searched in internet about the formalities that one must do before getting admission from a university but I couldn't get clear information there. I even asked some of my seniors but all in vain. Then I came to know HARITHA through one of my friend. When I met Andrew, he guided me well in university selection, application, Visa process, etc. Andrew and his team worked well in following up with universities for admission process and informed us the updates in a timely manner. I wish HARITHA overseas my best wishes. Thank you!"

V.Sreram Rajan

MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas Arlington, USA Fall-2015

"When the spark of Masters came into mind it was a bit confusing and complicated. Even though I cleared all required test for abroad studies I was unable to make further processing due to doubts in my mind. After a long search for the consultants I found out about Haritha Overseas

Consultant - Anna Nagar from my friends. The first meeting up with Andrew Sir, Itself I got the confidence and the procedures about applying to the universities and He made the process simple and easy for me. There was constant support and guidance from all the staff members of Centre. I wish Haritha Overseas Consultant- Anna Nagar to continue its support and guidance to the needy. Thank you!"

Noor Mohammed Thanveer

MS Industrial Engineering New York University, USA

"The team at Haritha Overseas had executed a joint effort for making the visa application and documentation process free from any hassles. The mock interviews played the biggest role in bolstering my confidence during the visa interview because ultimately confidence plays an 80% role in getting you the visa."

Akshara Amuri

MS Computer Software Engineering, Auburn University - Fall-2015

"Haritha Overseas is a brilliant place to find universities of your choice. The service provided here is excellent and the counseling helps you to take the right decision for your study abroad dreams. Mr. Andrew Arun is an excellent guide who helped me get in right university.

Thank you to Andrew sir and Haritha Overseas.."

Praveen Kumar

MSc Business and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Northumbria at Newcastle, UK

"Haritha overseas helped me in lot of ways, they made my work very easy from starting till end, starting from Chris who helped me to improve my language skills, Andrew sir who helped in admission process, last but not least Naveen sir who introduced me to Haritha overseas. Totally I had a good experience with Haritha overseas……………..Thank you.."

Sasikumar Udayakumar

MS Computer Science, Stratford University-MS Fall 2015

"After completing my Bachelors' in Computer Science and engineering, I had my dream to pursuit my Master in overseas. But I did not have clear idea of choosing the country. At that point of time I came to know about the Haritha Overseas. I met Mr.Naveen; he completely gave me the reviews of the countries and future scope in those countries. After joining Haritha Overseas, Mr. Andrew has guided me throughout right from short-listing the universities till the process of claiming my Visa. Special thanks to Mr. Chris who indulged confident into me from the initial stages of preparing to the exams until I get my Visa in my hands. I would also like thank the counselors who had helped me in the process of submitting applications and other formalities. I wish all the success to Haritha overseas for their future endeavors.."