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Nearly 4.3 million students are enrolled in university-level education outside their home country. USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the traditional destinations for Indian students. Recently we have also seen increasing interest in places like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia. At Haritha Overseas Education our trained counsellors help students to narrow down their preferred courses and the countries to study in. To book a complimentary consultation with our counsellors please call +91 979-090-5006.
Quality education, giving their careers an international edge, option for settling abroad are the top 3 reasons for Indian students pursuing higher education in a foreign country. Students are increasingly pursuing opportunities in countries like UK and France where they can get paid internships and also Canada, Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand which offer Post study work visas.
Getting a Scholarship to study abroad make whole experience to study aboard easy however there is high level of competition for the same. Students have choices of full scholarship or part scholarship directly from University or private bodies it is generally advisable to start with the process at the earliest. Some of the criteria used are need of the student, academic qualification and field of study.
Funding your education from 'self funds' i.e. savings of parents or taking money from relatives is acceptable. Students can also opt for educational loans (pay starts after a year of completing the course). There are also full/part scholarships and free ships available for certain category of students. When opting for a loan always ensure that you have checked if the Immigration rules have specified a list of Banks from where the loans will be acceptable.
At Haritha Overseas Education we advise student on university that are accredited and registered with relevant authorities minimizing any risk when they start the programme. To know more your chosen University or educational institution, you can discuss with our trained counsellors, please call +91 979-090-5006.
There are 1000s of courses on offer when a student decides to study abroad and at times the process becomes cumbersome even for the most patient of us. Now you can visit the Haritha Overseas Education office with Originals (+ 1 set photocopy) of your academic transcripts and our experience and our friendly team of counsellors will assist you in creating a tailor made checklist based on your preferred criteria Visiting the University website is also a good place to review the course content.
Typically to secure admission to Universities applicants are required to submit the following documents: valid passport, academic transcripts/ mark sheets as specified by the Universities, results of the entry tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT etc), results of English language tests undertaken (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc), the applicant's statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. Please note that this is not exhaustive list of documents, your Haritha Overseas Education advisor will let you know if any additional documents are required to strengthen your application.
An internship is an invaluable part of a program, there are several courses where internships are offered in the degree. To find out if a particular program offers an internship component, students should contact your Haritha Overseas Educationadvisor for specific details, please call +91 979-090-5006.
The general rule is to start your application process at least 5-6 months in advance as deadlines vary for all programs. Most countries have intakes in January and September, for some countries like Australia February and July, Germany intake are in January and July while some countries have rolling intakes. To know more about your course deadlines you can speak to a Haritha Overseas Education advisor for application deadline for your preferred country and course, please call +91 979-090-5006.
Each host country has its own set of Immigration rules and regulations that may or may not allow a spouse to work. It is best to check this with the Immigration experts. At Haritha Overseas Education our advisors can let you know if your chosen destination will allow your dependant spouse to work and if there are any restrictions on the same.
Yes you will be able to re apply for your student visa if you are refused your student visa application from the embassy depending upon reason for refusal.
Most Universities will be able to refund your visa fees, after deducting administration fees. While some Universities offer the ability to pay the fees on arriving in the host country. To know more speak to your Haritha Overseas Education advisor.
Students can opt for on-campus or off campus accommodation. Most Universities also offer accommodation with or without the catering option. In choosing off campus accommodations students can choose to rent a flat or share a house with others. Students opting for campus accommodation are advised to apply at the earliest as the options get filled in quickly.
If you would like to defer your offer, you can let your Haritha Overseas Education advisor know, providing your application details and we will coordinate with your University to defer placement.